Sweetens Cove Golf C...

Sweetens Cove Golf Club

A digital booklet with our concept for the project can be found at this link:

We were hired in March 2011 to redesign and completely rebuild the existing nine hole Sequatchie Valley Golf & Country Club, which was subsequently rebranded "Sweetens Cove Golf Club". The course, which was originally opened in the early 1950's, has been an integral part of the community in Marion County, Tennessee for nearly 60 years.

Below you will see photos of our work, and you can check back for regular updates about the course, which will be posted on the 'Journal' section of the website.

Praise for the work:

After playing the course during grow-in, Adam Lawrence, Editor, "Golf Course Architecture" remarked:

"Sequatchie is, in my opinion, potentially one of America's -- and thus the world's -- very best nine hole courses. Rob and Tad's key roles in envisioning and then delivering this project puts them in elite company indeed."

"It's not totally unusual for a golf architect to leap out of the back room into prominence. David Kidd did exactly the same when he built Bandon Dunes in the late 1990s, and he hasn't been the only one. If the right opportunities fall into his path, I would be pretty confident that Rob will ascend to that level. His work at Sweetens Cove is remarkable: to take a flat, boring nine hole course and build something so visually dramatic and yet such damned good fun to play is, in my opinion, one of the more impressive golf architectural achievements in recent years. Some will say it is too bold; I disagree. The first and most important job of a golf course is to put a smile on the face of those who play it; well, I came off Sweetens Cove wearing the biggest grin for some considerable time, and I reckon that'll be true of the overwhelming majority who get to play there. I look forward to seeing where Rob's career takes him next; wherever it is, I reckon local golfers will be lucky guys."

After playing the golf course on opening day, Adam Lawrence remarked:
“Sweetens Cove is the best nine hole course I’ve ever played and a truly outstanding piece of golf design and construction."

After playing the golf course on opening day, Ron Whitten, Senior Architecture Editor of "Golf Digest" wrote:

“Collins and his partner, Tad King, hand-built a new course on site of bland old nine-hole Sequatchie Valley golf course, instilling such character and fun that...it could rival Mike Keiser’s Dunes Club as America’s Best Nine Hole Course. Sweetens is that sweet.”

Anthony Pioppi, author of "To The Nines" wrote:
“Sweetens Cove is a better golf course than the Dunes Club. It is the best nine hole course constructed in the United States since WWII”

After touring the golf course during construction, Rodney Cole, PGA Professional, remarked:

"The passion, dedication, skills and traits, etc. required to separate timeless, handcrafted art from just another golf contractor build is apparent at the Sequatchie Valley golf course project. The renewal has created exceptional architectural interest and brought thinking, strategy, and fun back to the great game."